Headline Sports Podcast with Tony Renteria: Sherman says NFLPA should strike if players can’t get guaranteed contracts; owners will never agree to it

July 13, 2017


AP File Photo: Seattle Seahawks’ Richard Sherman catches at a walkthrough NFL football practice to open training camp on Thursday, July 28, 2011, in Renton, Wash. (AP Photo/Elaine Thompson)

On the Headline Sports Podcast with Tony:

Richard Sherman corner for the Seattle Seahawks says that the players should vote to strike if they don’t get guaranteed contracts much like players in MLB and the NBA receive. This is something that all NFL players want those guaranteed contracts the NFL CBA runs out by 2021.  I would argue that the age of an NFL player is about three and half years. The owners are not going to hand out guaranteed contracts to the players in the NFL.

They make a second contract or a first contract and this is based on if a player sticks around after that amount of time anyway. After these players come out of the draft I doubt your going to be able to get those guaranteed contracts. Maybe on second tier players and their injuries that’s going to be there too. The difference between MLB and the NFL players is MLB has 25 guys on a roster they have a development system they have some history on them.

The NFL doesn’t have that they don’t have a developmental league they come with some character and college before they go out there. A lot of the problem with the NFL players is there are situations that happen off the field. Guaranteed contracts in the NFL just won’t happen.

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