Former San Francisco 49er punter Runager found dead in parking lot

July 4, 2017

NFL, San Francisco 49ers

AP File Photo: Punter Max Runager (4) and kicker Ray Wersching (14) on Tuesday, July 29, 1986 in Rocklin, California. San Francisco training camp. (AP Photo/Al Golub)

By Jeremy Harness and Joe Lami

SANTA CLARA–Former San Francisco 49ers punter Max Runager was found in his vehicle in a South Carolina parking lot with the motor running according to Runager’s father Geb on June 30th. A police officer spokesman told the media that there was no suspicion of foul play. Runager was found dead in a Orangeburg parking lot he was 61.

Runager also was a former punter for the Philadelphia Eagles and was a key part of the Eagles success in their 1980 season drive towards a Super Bowl birth and championship over the Oakland Raiders. Runager won another Super Bowl this time with the 1984 San Francisco 49ers against the Miami Dolphins in a game played at Stanford Stadium.

Geb said that Runager fell off the roof of his home while trying to cleaning the gutters from the fallen leaves in December. Runager refused medical help after it was diagnosed that he had fractured a vertebrae which only got worse and Runager had to use a walker after suffering a fall that resulted in a broken leg.

It can only be assumed at this point from the untreated vertebrae and the broken leg and being in a walker that it might have had some role in Runager’s death but doctors will make that determination at a later date. Runager’s family said they will donate Runager’s brain to science and that it will be examined for CTE like symptoms much like many NFL families who want to find out if their family members suffered from the concussion like syndrome from playing in the NFL.

Runager’s career numbers with San Francisco and Philadelphia was 661 career punts averaging 40.2 per punt. Runager’s father Geb said that when Runager refused medical help for the broke vertebrae that the younger Runager said he was “NFL tough” and didn’t need medical help.

Joe Lami is the 49ers beat writer and Jeremy Harness does 49ers previews and commentaries at


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