San Francisco 49ers Podcast Report with David Zizmor: Santa Clara Mayor says notion that the 49ers have paid all their bills “makes me laugh”

June 14, 2017

NFL, San Francisco 49ers

AP photo file: Inside the disputed Levis Stadium before a game between the Arizona Cardinals and San Francisco 49ers from this Oct 6, 2016 photo as the City of Santa Clara say the 49ers are on the hook for over $2.1 million in stadium construction and parking overruns

by David Zizmor

SANTA CLARA–Cost overruns, unpaid parking use on a city owned golf course ($719,000) and emergency services and a beat up fan in the 49ers bathroom during a 2014 game (total $488,000), stadium cost over runs ($894,000) are just a few of the bills the city of Santa Clara are saying the 49ers are in for. San Francisco 49ers media relations manager Bob Lange has said that the 49ers are in accordance with their construction obligation and further that the team has paid all their bills to the city. Santa Clara Mayor Lisa Gillmor said that the notion that the 49ers have paid all their bills and that they have met all their all obligations “makes me laugh.”

The dispute between the 49ers and the City most likely won’t reach the inside of a courtroom and that it would settled behind closed doors in arbitration. There are all sorts of issues with the team like the construction overruns, the parking bills, the use of golf course land for emergency vehicles and how the 49ers and the city will address each issue with the scenario of an arbitrator asking for the 49ers to come up with receipts showing they are up to snuff with the City.

There’s more on this issue join Dave below on the San Francisco 49ers podcast below at


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