Sportstalk Podcast @ Il Fornaio Restaurant downtown San Jose inside the Westin: Mon Jun 12, 2017 photo: San Jose Il Fornaio Restaurant private dinning in the Baker’s room at 302 S Market Street inside the Westin Hotel

Welcome back to another podcast of Sportstalk  with your host Jerry Feitelberg with co hosts Matt Harrington, Ben Leonard, Jeremy Harness, Len Shapiro, and Lee Leonard my producer.

Podcasting from Il Fornaio Restorante inside the Westin Hotel at 302 South Market Street in downtown San Jose. I want to thank our hosts Il Fornaio general manager Sergio Lopez, sales and marketing coordinator Tammy Rowe, Ken Johns assistant manager, and manger Andrew Rowe. I will have some questions for Sergio and his staff but first I want to remind you,

Il Fornaio’s goal was, and still is, to offer the most authentic Italian dining experience available outside of Italy.

The company’s philosophy emphasizes serving the highest-quality food from the freshest ingredients in stylishly comfortable surroundings, while providing exceptional value. Using its Italian baking heritage as a foundation, the first full-service restaurant opened in Corte Madera (Marin County), California. The response was so overwhelmingly positive that Il Fornaio has since opened a total of 21 restaurants in California, Las Vegas, Colorado, and Washington.

We thank Il Fornaio for holding our podcast here at the downtown San Jose location inside the Westin Hotel and know that they will provide you with an elegant, memorable, and authentically Italian event.


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