San Francisco Giants Podcast with Michael Duca: Teammates, Management and the Front Office agree Posey was smart for not entering the fray

May 31, 2017

MLB, San Francisco Giants

Washington Nationals’ Ryan Zimmerman slides into home plate to score the Nationals’ second run as San Francisco Giants catcher Buster Posey, right, looks on in the first inning of a baseball game Tuesday, May 30, 2017, in San Francisco. Zimmerman scored after the Nationals’ Daniel Murphy singled to right field. (AP Photo/Eric Risberg)

On the SF Giants podcast with Michael:

1 On Buster Posey not jumping out there during Monday’s game was told in advance in case of any kind of brawl or confrontation not to jump in the melee and that his teammates will take care of the problem for him. Posey is the team’s “meal ticket” and no one on the club wants him out there tussling with the opposition who may want to take an opportunity to take him out of action.

2 Critics have said that Posey has no backbone in not going out there but his teammates have said they know Posey has their back and he was told not to go out there he broke his leg in 2011 and has suffered numerous concussions and he again is the team’s key player he’s not going to take a risk and get hurt

3 Was this really about an old grudge between Hunter Strickland and Bryce Harper? It goes a little further than that and Harper was chirping and yelling during his home run trots when he hit two homers off Strickland in the 2014 NL Playoffs. It was also noted that Strickland could hear Harper barking in the Nat’s dugout in that playoff and that’s when he made the promise there will be pay back.

4 Michael talks about the concussion suffered by the Giants Mike Morse during the melee near the mound when he collided head to head with teammate Jeff Samardjiza.

5. In the aftermath Washington manager Dusty Baker said that he would take great strength to restrain one’s self. Baker said other than Ghandi or Martin Luther King who would have the fortitude to restrain one’s self in that circumstance. Michael says that Harper merely should have just taken the pitch and went to first base like most big leaguers would.

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