Golden State Warriors Podcast with David Zizmor:Teammates plan to stand up for Zaza as Spurs fans get ready to unload on Pachulia

May 18, 2017

Golden State Warriors, NBA

On the Warriors podcast with David:

As you know Zaza Pachulia of the Golden State Warriors has been the wrath of San Antonio Spurs head coach Gregg Poppovich who said he undercut Kawhi Leonard in game two of the series. The Warriors didn’t bite on the bait and Poppovich complained that was a dirty play, Zaza was just closing out Leonard and was a little more clumsy in doing so. It’s unfortunate but that’s what happened he wasn’t intentionally trying to hurt him and if you watch that play there was no way Zaza was trying to do anything to hurt Leonard,

Keep in mind Kawhi turned his ankle into his own teammates foot. That ankle was already sensitive from the final game with Houston. He could say that Zaza was aware of it. If you watch the play over and over again Zaza was not intentionally sticking his foot out to get under Leonard he was just trying to make a play under the ball.

David has more commentary ahead of game three tonight in San Antonio. Catch David each week for the Warriors podcast at


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