MLB Podcast The Show with Matt Harrington: Adam Jones put his foot down letting everyone in MLB know he and other players suffered what Jackie Robinson went through

Boston Red Sox fans taunt and take pictures of Baltimore Orioles’ Adam Jones after he was ejected for arguing a strikeout call during the fifth inning of a baseball game at Fenway Park in Boston, Wednesday, May 3, 2017. (AP Photo/Charles Krupa)

On the MLB Podcast with Matt Harrington:

I’ve been to 200-300 plus games at Fenway Park and I’ve never been witnessed to anything like that but I have on the flip side was at a game at TD Garden when Montreal was in town to play the Boston Bruins and the Canadiens Georges Laraque was in town and someone was in the stands making some slurs at Laraque and some derogatory comments. Luckily for us there was somebody the stands who went over and told him “knock it off, it’s not right, shut up what your saying inappropriate” so that nipped it in the bud there. You would have thought somebody would have done something a little quicker at Fenway for the Baltimore Orioles Adam Jones.

At the Oakland Coliseum and at AT&T Park the fans have the ability to text out to stadium operations for help in these kind of matters. The call did go out at Fenway but there was a slow response. It was terrible it’s a black eye for the Red Sox organization and I don’t necessarily know what the solution is going to be other than solving racism in America. MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred doesn’t have the jurisdiction to stop it but that particular fan has been banned for life from ever coming back to Fenway Park again.

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