Aaron Hernandez saga may just be getting started

April 28, 2017


In this still image from video, Aaron Hernandez, right, listens beside defense attorney Ronald Sullivan, Friday, April 14, 2017, in court in Boston, as he is pronounced not guilty of murder in the 2012 shootings of two men in a drive-by shooting in Boston. (WHDH-TV via AP, Pool)

By: Ana Kieu

It’s obvious that former New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez was a criminal who has done a lot of bad things, but the saga surrounding his death may just be getting started. Hernandez was a rather strange man — very talented, yet very secretive and reserved. He was a man of mystery.

Aaron’s two murder trials clearly affected him, but they also affected his family. They haven’t openly commented since his debatable death. They just put up a sign on the door of their Connecticut home that said “no comment.”

Aaron’s older brother D.J. served as a graduate assistant for the Iowa Hawkeyes’ football team. He tried to land a full-time position, but was unable to do so. He was also willing to coach at the Division II level. Many teams were hesistant to hire him because they wanted to avoid the negative publicity. Aaron’s murder trials affected everything from job opportunities to finding dates. Today, D.J. wants a fresh start and now goes by his middle name Jonathan. He currently runs a roofing business named High Rise Roofing in Wylie, Texas.

Aaron’s father Dennis Hernandez passed away on January 6, 2006 after suffering complications from a routine hernia surgery. He was a custodian at Bristol Eastern High School in Bristol, Connecticut. He enjoyed watching both of his sons play sports. He also enjoyed spending time with his family and friends. Aaron may have been affected by the sudden death of his father. After all, he was only 16 years old at the time.

Following Dennis’ death, Aaron’s mother Terri Valentine-Hernandez married Jeffrey Cummings, who had a criminal record that included drug charges and domestic violence. He attacked Terri with a knife after a night of drinking. He made cuts on her cheek, shoulder and wrist. He went back to prison. Shortly after the violent incident, Terri filed for divorce.

Terri also dealt with problems of her own. She was arrested for getting involved in a gambling ring when she was simply trying to provide for her family. As a result, no charges were filed against her.

Aaron committed suicide by hanging himself with a bed sheet in his cell at the Souza-Baranowski Correctional Center in Lancaster, Massachussetts. Kyle Kennedy was Aaron’s alleged prison boyfriend. This controversial statement was released just days after Aaron’s death.

The war of words got quite heated between the two lawyers. Kennedy’s lawyer Lawrence F. Army Jr., said that Aaron knew the 22-year-old man before either of them went to prison. Army also said that Aaron wrote a note that said “I think I’m going to hang it up, lol.” three weeks before hanging himself.

Meanwhile, Aaron’s lawyer Jose Baez said that he never wrote a suicide note to a prison boyfriend. Baez slammed the rumors, claiming that they were just malicious leaks used to tarnish a dead person. He only confirmed the two letters that Aaron wrote to his fiancee Shayanna Jenkins-Hernandez and their four-year-old daughter Avielle.

Aaron’s funeral was held on Monday. The following day, his lawyers asked the court to dismiss the murder conviction. Under the law of Massachussetts, his conviction could be vacated because he died before his appeal was heard. He might’ve killed former Boston Bandits linebacker Odin Lloyd to conceal his bisexuality. As bad as it sounds, it’s understandable if he was bisexual and wanted to hide it from the NFL. It’s arguably the most homophobic sports league among the players, coaches and fans.

Kennedy broke his silence Thursday. He said that he missed his friend Aaron and would like to send his condolences to his mother, fiancee and daughter.

Court records also broke the details on Aaron’s home Thursday. His home in North Attleboro, Massachussetts, is worthless. However, there was an offer made by an undisclosed buyer that was worth $1.3 million. The home includes a pool, a sauna and a movie theater.

Jenkins-Hernandez and Avielle currently live in a condo in North Providence, Rhode Island. It seems like she chose Hernandez over her sister, who dated Lloyd before the time of his death. She’s an unmarried widow now, which is a horrible thing. Her daughter will probably get bullied when she goes to school.

There seems to be no end in sight when it comes to the Hernandez saga.

As of right now, best-selling author James Patterson is currently working on a “true crime story” about Hernandez. Patterson is best known for the Alex Cross series of novels. His upcoming book will be in stores in early 2018.

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