San Francisco Giants podcast with Jeremy Kahn: Will Mad Bum’s joy ride be considered a contract clause violation?

April 21, 2017

MLB, San Francisco Giants file photo: Madison Bumgarner is known for doing some heavy lifting and other physical activities in the off season but the Giants do not want players doing such things which would result in injuries which could be construed as a violation of their contract

On the Giants podcast with Jeremy Kahn: Giants pitcher Madison Bumgarner who got hurt dirt bike riding is under evaluation from the team doctors. the severity of Mad Bum’s injuries are his pitching shoulder and ribs was looked at and the initial report has Mad Bum will be on the 10 day DL.

#2 Mad Bum has had a tough start going 0-3 dropping his first three games  despite pitching well in the 3.00 ERA range he didn’t get much run support in those games. It was reported that Bumgarner is out indefinitely.

#3 You might remember Jeff Kent the former Giant had a motorcycle accident when he played for the Giants and his contract agreement for extracurricular activities was questioned at the time. You can be assured that Giants team vice president Brian Sabean and general manager Bobby Evans are not please with Bumgarner’s dirt biking and possible consequences could be coming down which the team could refuse to pay him for the duration of his absence.

#4 With the injury to Bumgarner we ask Jeremy how much pressure there is going to be on Matt Cain to step up in Bum’s absence

#5 Will Angel Pagan get any love any reconsideration about a return to the Giants? Jeremy says no Pagan has already stated he wants to spend time with his family.

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