That’s Amaury’s Podcast, News, and Commentary: Canseco criticized for criticizing A’s but he was telling it like it is

April 18, 2017

MLB, Oakland Athletics

by Amaury Pi Gonzalez

OAKLAND–This is thing that Jose Canseco Comcast NBC analyst was hired for is to tell it like it is and Canseco get’s criticized for saying the A’s are not prepared, sloppy, and are playing like a Triple A team. Right now especially after they’ve lost four straight and got whipped in a Monday night laugher in front of 10, 406 people 7-0 to the Texas Rangers at the Oakland Coliseum. He said they were disorganized, they were swinging at the ball way out of the strike zone.

There was a play where the A’s centerfielder Rajai Davis missed the cut off man for an error and it led to a two base error. Monday night was the worst game I’ve seen the A’s play and the Rangers are no great shakes at the moment as both teams are tied for last in the cellar of the American League West. In games if the A’s lose 10-0 or 7-0 you have to say the other team played better.

You have to be honest and I have to agree with Jose because the A’s played lousy last night, I’m sure A’s manager Bob Melvin recognizes that and Canseco said he was just calling them as he sees them and the A’s looked like they just wanted to get out of here. I know it was raining the day before Sunday and Sunday’s game got called on the count of rain with the Houston Astros it will be made up as part of a doubleheader September 9th. The Rangers are still a good team and they won the last two years for the AL West title.

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