Andre Ward Turns Deaf Ears To Kovalev’s Assault of Insults

April 11, 2017


Berk Communications photo: Andre Ward and Sergey Kovalev weigh in for the upcoming rematch Mon June 17th at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas

by Barbara Mason

OAKLAND–“There is such a thing as a close fight with a clear winner,” said Andre Ward at the second of three press tours scheduled this week. On Monday April 10 the tour made their first stop in New York City. Tuesday’s press event took place at the Marriott Hotel as Ward returned to his roots in the Bay Area.

There was such an uproar as to the decision of the last fight and many thought that Kovalev clearly won the fight. All the attention was centered on what happened in the second round and not what happened in the later rounds. Kovalev was tired, very tired and his boxing suffered as a result. That was then and this is now. That fight is history and the question now is, will history repeat itself?

All the trash talk has begun mostly on the side of the Kovalev camp. While it’s all about getting into your opponents head it doesn’t do much good if that talk falls on deaf ears. Mocking Ward’s nickname, calling him “Son of Judges” and also posting a photo of Ward on all fours in the second round of their first fight and saying here you are praying to your God is just the beginning of a long two month assault. Ward doesn’t pay much attention. He knows who he is and what he stands for. Ward is putting the past in the past and looking only towards the fight on Saturday June 17th at the Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas.

For the next two months Andre Ward will be training in earnest. He will not train any differently than last time but might also add some jabbing. I would say that more jabbing might be the answer to a victory for Ward. He will continue to stay in reality and leave perception to everyone else. He feels that Kovalev’s arrogance will be his downfall. “Big-talk is all a cover-up,” said Ward. “Your hiding something.” He plans to get Sergey outside of his realm where he can exploit his weaknesses.

Kovalev’s social media posts over the past five months indicate that the Russian is infuriated by Ward. He says he does not respect him and there is nothing to like about him. He doesn’t like the way he acts, he doesn’t like his nickname, and he no doubt doesn’t like his popularity. I’d say Ward has crept under his skin big time which could be trouble for the Russian.

The rhetoric will get uglier and the bottom line is that is great for the fight. The more hype the merrier and the more interest in this fight which may attract more attention than the last fight because there is clearly deep hatred in the Kovalev camp. “When he looks at me, I just want to punch him in the head,” said Kovalev. “I want to punish him,” he said. This immense hatred will be good for sales no doubt. Tickets go on sale this Friday April 14 at 10am and range from 1,255.00 to 105.00




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