That’s Amaury’s News and Commentary: USA…USA…USA…Americans go all the way in the World Baseball Classic

The U.S. team celebrates an 8-0 win over Puerto Rico in the final of the World Baseball Classic in Los Angeles, Wednesday, March 22, 2017. (AP Photo/Mark J. Terrill)

by Amaury Pi Gonzalez

LOS ANGELES–Marcus Stroman pitched one of his better games at any level, dominating Puerto Rico to give that small but traditional in baseball island it’s first defeat of the 2017 tournament by a solid score of 8-0. Stroman, whose mother is Puerto Rican, could have chosen to play for that team, but the Toronto Blue Jays starter chose to play for the USA. Stroman claimed that his mother was harassed over social media for his decision.

Why was it so important for the American team to win it’s first World Baseball Classic tournament? Among the reasons is that the WBC is a son of Major League Baseball, under Fred Manfred, Commissioner with the mission to spread baseball to as many countries as possible. Baseball, unlike Soccer (Fútbol )is an American sport. For the American public to get involved in anything it has to be a winner, it is represents the country, even more. The WBC is still a young tournament. It began in 2006 with Japan taking the title, then in 2009, Japan won it again, Dominican Republic took it in 2013, and now come the Americans this year 2017.

The World Baseball Classic will never be like the World Cup of Fútbol/Soccer, simply that sport is played by most of the world. The WBC is trying to emulate the World Cup of Soccer in it;s presentation, the television music, with the International flavor, all the colors in the world and all the hoopla. Americans were not really interested in this classic, but now they have won it for the first time. Like colorful General Patton once said: “Americans play to win at all times”, or President Donald J. Trump during the campaign: “We do not win anymore”. It is part of the American attitude to win, and in baseball which is still considered by most historians as “America’s pastime”it is even more important.

Over 51,000 crowded Dodger Stadium for the final game of the 2017 World Baseball Classic. The United States of America dominated Puerto Rico (Puerto Rico had been discussed as a potential 51st state of the USA In a 2012 status referendum a majority of voters, 54%, expressed dissatisfaction with the current political relationship) of course this victory has nothing do to regarding politics between both countries but when it comes to bragging rights for both sides is a big deal.

This tournament had many controversies, some on the field, by strange decisions, others pout of the filed like when Yadier Molina and other players complained of lack of security while playing in Mexico, where some of the Puerto Rico’s player’s families were not really protected. The WBC still young but it needs to learn that when you play any sport around the world, things are different, than when you play here in the homeland.

Congratulations to manager Jim Leyland, a very emotional USA manager who said after the game this was for all in the US but mostly for those serving the country, Marcus Stroman won the MVP of the tournament, but Adam Jones, Eric Hosmer or Brandon Crawford also played to win it, as well as the rest of the American team. Both teams Puerto Rico and the United States showed a lot of good sportsmanship as they shook hands and hugged each other after the game ended, and now most of them are on the way to their respective teams in Spring Training in Arizona and Florida.

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