NHL All Star 2017 podcast with Daniel Dullum: Bettman trying to keep Hurricanes in Carolina and Quebec City will have to wait longer for an NHL team

Before the NHL All Star game in Los Angeles’ Staple Center NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman had his state of the NHL address and Bettman addressed a number of topics one of them. The first was Quebec City was not ruled out for their bidding to get an NHL team and Bettman didn’t rule it out. What he did rule out was the Carolina Hurricanes leaving Raleigh North Carolina and the Canes possibly moving to Quebec City.

What Bettman told the media was the NHL wants to support the market much in the same way the NHL did with the Arizona Coyotes keeping the team in Glendale. The people of Quebec City will have to wait a little bit longer. John Daly the assistant Commissioner and Bettman both shot down the idea of having the Canes moving anywhere.

Daniel Dullum does the NHL podcast each week at http://www.sportsradioservice.com


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