NFL Championship Playoff podcast with David Zizmor: Pack’s Rodgers the difference maker in Championship; Belichick’s playbook preparation for Steelers

January 18, 2017

NFL photo: Green Bay Packers Aaron Rodgers (12) is up in arms in a good way as the Packers head to Atlanta for Sunday’s NFC Championship game at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta

Green Bay @ Atlanta NFC Championship: It’s a good thing for all involved that weather won’t be a factor as the game between the Green Bay Packers and Atlanta Falcons will be indoors at the Georgia Dome. The NFC Championship game will be played in a dome so that weighs a little bit in Atlanta’s favor because of the noise factor but on the flipside Atlanta isn’t known as a particular rowdy crowd.

This will be the first NFC title game in several years for the Falcons and it’s not like the Falcons have never been to the Super Bowl so they’re certainly going to be ready. This is one of those double edged swords if they get home field advantage they get to sleep in your own bed. They get the dome which is good for noise purposes. At the same time the Falcons are one of those fan bases where the crowd will be behind them. The Falcons have not been to the Super Bowl since 1998 it was Super Bowl XXXIII which they lost to the Denver Broncos 34-19.

Pittsburgh @ New England AFC Championship: This is a very good match up to honest looking back at last week the Pittsburgh Steelers won that game and they won it over the Kansas City Chiefs without scoring a touchdown. It was the sixth time in NFL history that a team in post season won without scoring a touchdown. That’s a concern for a team like the Steelers they have a pretty strong offense for them not to get it into the end zone which is concerning.

It’s seems like New England who are a much better team than the Chiefs are, the Steelers have to worry about that a little bit. Pat’s coach Bill Bilichick has designed a better offensive plan on defense. Generally speaking looking at both of these teams the Steelers are going to focus a little bit on their running game the Steelers have one of the top three running backs in the NFL.

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