NFL Playoff Podcast with David Zizmor: Home teams in divisional have the upside advantage in post season

January 11, 2017

NFL photo: Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson will start against the Atlanta Falcons on Saturday in Atlanta

In these playoffs it is a big advantage for the home team when you have the home field advantage in the Championship game or the slightest advantage your talking about but your talking about a 52-48 split. Whereas in the divisional games it’s a different story the high percentages rest for the home team. Generally speaking when you looking at these games the advantage is clearly wit the hone team. When your talking for example about a playoff game with Seattle and Atlanta the Falcons have a big leg up here.

This could apply more to the Seahawks because they have to fly some 3,000 miles to Atlanta to get to this game that’s a big deal that’s a little extra wear and tear compared to some other teams that don’t have to travel quite as far. This is a team that’s not going to be scared that has a lot of playoff experience. They have a great quarterback who able to run and make big plays in tough spots.

David will also discuss analysis on Saturday- Houston @ New England

Sunday: Pittsburgh @ Kansas City & Green Bay @ Dallas

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