San Francisco 49ers podcast with David Zizmor: Rush is grabbed up from practice squad to Jaguars main roster; plus 49ers legal problems with Santa Clara

December 21, 2016

NFL, San Francisco 49ers

AP photo: 49ers linebacker practice squad player Marcus Rush was signed to the Jacksonville Jaguars this past week

Keep in mind players who are on the practice squad are not committed to the team and those who get signed to a contract from another team seeking interest are free to do so. Practice squad players do not have a contractual commitment with the parent club such as 49ers practice squad linebacker Marcus Rush who recently signed with the Jacksonville Jaguars had been on the practice squad all season. Rush or any other practice squad player could have been called up at anytime to the big squad.

The big squad is paying for the practice squad player to be there but the team doesn’t have exclusive rights to the players on the practice squad so if there are guys on practice squad who gets an offer from some other team to sign and be on their main roster than their free to go. The idea of the practice squad is to keep guys kind of ready. It’s not minor league but their there just in case they need to fill the void for a roster spot. Rush will fill a spot at linebacker for the Jags.

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