Sacramento Kings podcast with Charlie O: Cousins hit with $50,000 fine for run in with Bee’s Furillo photo: DeMarcus Cousins shares his feelings with Sacramento Bee writer Andy Furillo after Furillo mentioned Cousins’ brother being involved in a night club fight in a recent column. Cousins was fined for the incident.

There is a publication called Cowbell Kingdom in Sacramento who is dedicated to just covering the Sacramento Kings it’s in it’s second generation of readership it was started by James Ham who is now the insider reporter for Comcast Sports. Leo Beas is now the editor in charge at Cowbell a nice young guy as a matter of fact is the guy who sits right next to me at Kings games at the press table. They did an article and their exclusively with ESPN and a lot of these websites have some kind of association.

They did a article on Cousins and the gist of the article is that DeMarcus plays better basketball after he gets angry and they have some stats to support it and some things like that. It’s been reported that Cousins just eats up reading what the press writes about him. Not just locally but nationally. Cousins reads almost everything about him and when he came across the Sacramento Bee’s Andy Furillo column mentioning Cousin’s brother had been in the middle of a nightclub fight Cousins went off on Furillo in the Kings dressing room. As you can see in the cover photo Cousins is standing over Furillo and calling him out for writing about his brother. Cousins was hit for a $50,000 fine for intimidating Furillo.

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