Falcons Will Have No Problem With 49ers

Atlanta Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan (2) sets up to pass during an NFL game against the Los Angeles Rams on December 11, 2016. The Falcons defeated the Rams 42-14. (Kevin Terrell via AP)

By: Joe Lami

Every week, the San Francisco 49ers seem to find another way to hit what we think is rock-bottom. Last week better have been it for the Niners, after an embarrassing overtime loss to the New York Jets, in which they lead by 14 at the half and by 11 going into the fourth quarter. But 47 total net yards in the second half will cause that embarrassment, even if you’re playing the Jets.

This week, they travel back east for a surprisingly start against the (8-5) Atlanta Falcons. Led by Matt Ryan, who bounced back with an outstanding season that has him already surpassed 4,000 yards and 30 touchdowns, the Falcons are trying to stay atop the NFC South standings.

They will be without Julio Jones for the second straight week, but it won’t matter against the second worst team in the NFL. Expect Ryan to throw the ball early, and when the 49ers can finally stop the pass, running back, Devonte Freeman will pick up the ground game to get the passing game back. It’s been a formula that has worked all season against the 49ers, and it should work again for Atlanta.

Expect it to be close in the first half, as the 49ers are surprisingly not terrible in the opening 30-minutes, but are by far the worst team down the stretch of the game. When Chip Kelly was asked about this phenomenon, he said he looked at it on a game by game basis, which means that nothing will change if he doesn’t see the pattern that has occurred over the longest losing streak in franchise history.

With only three games left in the season, the 49ers might start looking towards Christmas Eve to see if they get a present wrapped as a win against the Rams.

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