Stanford Cardinal podcast with Matt Harrington: Fun in the Sun as coach Shaw and Cardinal gear up for big bowl game

AP photo: Stanford’s star running back Christian McCaffrey is headed to the NFL after finishing up in the Sun Bowl with the Stanford Cardinal against the North Carolina Tar Heels on Fri Dec 30th in El Paso TX

It’s going to be a fun one in El Paso when the North Carolina Tar Heels and the Stanford Cardinal match up for the Sun Bowl. You don’t necessarily equate North Carolina the football power per say I would equate with them more like a basketball school. You look at what they did in the regular season and the accomplishments they had in the ACC and they beat a couple of top 20 teams in Pitt and Florida State.

They have on their resume the teams they’ve already beaten that are already in the top 20 just like Stanford don’t sleep on the Tar Heels they have the ability to knock off the Cardinal. For the Cardinal this is a great opportunity for running back Christian McCaffrey A. He can show case what he can do in the draft. B. He can kind of give Stanford a going away present you know he loves the bowl games and everybody remembers what he did in the Rose Bowl.

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