San Francisco 49ers podcast with David Zizmor: If the Pats have a fire in their belly after losing two straight the 49ers must have an inferno going in theirs

AP photo: New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick (right) talking with quarterback Tom Brady (12) last Sunday in the game versus the Seattle Seahawks prepares the Pats for their visit to Levis Stadium and their match against the San Francisco 49ers this Sunday

On the 49ers podcast with David Zizmor:

After a narrow loss to the Arizona Cardinals last Sunday 23-20 the 49ers (1-8) have some preparing to do as they will take on the 7-2 New England Patriots at Levis Stadium this Sunday. The Pats are coming off a two game losing streak including a loss to the Seattle Seahawks 31-24 at Gillette  Stadium. As they lost this one at home.

Patriots head coach Bill Belichick was wondering the same thing but it could be after getting two straight loses out of the way after winning seven straight that could put a fire in the Pats bellies. If losing puts a fire in the Pats bellies than there must be an inferno in the bellies of the 49ers after losing eight straight going into this game. They got to be fired up to play one of football’s greatest organizations and second they came so close to winning their second game of the season if it wasn’t for a field goal that beat them against the Cardinals.

David Zizmor does the 49ers podcasts each week at http://www.sportsradioservice.ocm


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