Sportstalk @ Olla Cocina Restaurant in downtown San Jose Thu Nov 10, 2016

photo by You’ll be in the chips at Olla Cocina Fine Mexican Cuisine their food is a can’t miss and look for them to stay at San Pedro Square for years to come

Cast: Matt Harrington (host) Joe Lami (49ers reporter), Len Shapiro (Sharks commentary), Amaury Pi Gonzalez (That’s Amaury’s News and Commentary), Barbara Mason (Sharks beat reporter), Jeremy Harness (Stanford Cardinal basketball), and Lee Leonard (producer) extends our thanks and gratitude to the fantastic taste at Olla Cocina Mexican Cusine Fine Food at 17 North San Pedro Square in downtown San Jose. This historic location has seen a change in restaurant ownerships over the years like Blake’s Steakhouse, Picassos Tapas, and La Pinata but trust us Olla Cocina is a keeper. This franchise will stay put at the 17 North San Pedro location for many years to come.

The food was top of the line in it’s taste, texture and presentation. Amongst the cast’s recommendations from the Olla menu we started with some of Olla’s homemade chips salsa and guacamole the guacamole had a unbelievable taste with small tomatoes and the Wild Salad was a popular item, the squash soup had bacon bits in it and was also a favorite, of the course recommendations please try, ceviche verde, chilaquiles verde, sopes, roasted chicken, the salmon plate, or the grilled hanger steak. With these selections our panelists loved them all.

Our special thanks to our hosts at Olla Cocina general manager Sal Martinez, event manager Janey Hawley, assistant manager Miguel Gonzalez, and our server for the night Lilly. Their warm hospitality was on point and the service was everything you would expect from a fine Mexican restaurant their timing and efficiency was what the customer would be more than satisfied with. Also location, location, location, in the heart of downtown San Jose just down the street from SAP Center the home of the Western Conference Champion San Jose Sharks and their minor league affiliate the San Jose Barracuda make sure to stop in for lunch or dinner before all Sharks and Cuda games.

On the program: Discussions on the San Jose Sharks current road trip, latest NHL headline news, transactions and possible moves, and a review of the Sharks visit to Miami against the Florida Panthers on Thursday night. Also the panel discussed San Francisco Giants Golden Glove winners Joe Panik, Brandon Crawford, and Buster Posey, where will former New York Mets outfielder Yoenis Cespedes end up, and broadcasters of the San Francisco Giants announcer Mike Krukow and former Oakland A’s announcer Bill King are on the Ford C Frick Hall of Fame ballot for possible induction.

Download below to hear the podcast from Olla Cocina from downtown San Jose


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