MLB Podcast with Matt Harrington: Matter of time when Giants dire situation smoothes out; Cubs Lester handles A’s to open series

AP photo: Chicago Cubs starter Jon Lester works the plate against the Oakland A’s on Friday night in the first inning at the Oakland Coliseum

On the MLB podcast with Matt as much as the San Francisco Giants situation looks dire the Giants won’t be long for their current slump and their relying on their latest players acquired during the trade deadline Matt Moore, Will Smith and Eduardo Nunez. The Washington Nationals are tough customers and this weekend’s series in DC is a crucial series for San Francisco.

The Chicago Cubs are rolling as former Oakland A’s pitcher and current Cubs starter Jon Lester finished off his old team pitching seven innings, with six hits, two runs, and striking out eight hitters to shut down the A’s on Friday night at the Oakland Coliseum 7-2. As this series continues Saturday and Sunday.

The New York Yankees Mark Teixeria, announced his retirement from baseball at the end of this season. Teixeria 36 years old has suffered injuries during the last five seasons. Teixeria after making the announcement went out and got a couple of base hits on Friday night.

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