Draymond Green arrested for assault

by Michael Martinez

Golden State Warriors All Star forward Draymond Green was arrested Sunday in East Lansing, Michigan with assault charges. Green was reportedly arrested for assault after he slapped a fan who had been taunting him at a nightclub.

Green got out on a $200 bail and the victim was not injured, but the arrest is a bit worrisome. The Warriors do know about the situation and the franchise put out a statement regarding Green’s arrest basically saying they will look into it and not comment until they know more.
The arrest comes at a bad time for Green, who is on the USA men’s basketball team that is headed to Rio for the 2016 Olympics. Managing Director Jerry Colangelo will also be looking into the situation to figure out more information and make a decision afterwards.

Green has been known to let his temper go at times and was criticized during the playoffs for a couple of kicks to the groin of Oklahoma City Thunder center Steven Adams and Cleveland Cavaliers forward LeBron James.

After landing Kevin Durant, the biggest star in this year’s free agency,  Green’s arrest is the last thing the Warriors need. Although it appears things are not all that serious and professional athletes are always held to a higher standard, it’s what comes with being in the spotlight.

Hanging out in a nightclub is Green’s choice and just because he’s a pro does not mean he should not be allowed to enjoy himself. However, the responsibility of being a pro does mean he needs to keep his composure.

The last thing the Warriors need is Green to get another suspension handed down to him by the League Office. Hopefully for the Warriors, Green, and all the fans, this is the first and only time something like this happens.

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