That’s Amaury’s Podcast, News and Commentary: Sharks need to get win to keep it alive; Could W’s win with bench again?

AP photo: Cleveland Cavaliers forward Kevin Love (center) will sit out game three with a concussion against the Golden State Warriors for Wednesday night at Quicken Loans Center

On That’s Amaury’s Podcast the San Jose Sharks played very aggressively all season but when the Pittsburgh Penguins came to town the Sharks soon learned they were up against a big quick and physical team. With the series lead 3-1 for Pittsburgh it’s going to be tough and not throwing dirt on the Sharks their not the Warriors in order to come back they have to keep winning and who knows but right now the situation is really dire.

The Golden State Warriors are in Cleveland for game three on Wednesday night and the Cavaliers only chance is that they have to come on like gangbusters but the Warriors even without the splash brothers in game one and two who sat down early had their bench do the work and finish off the Cavs. The Cavaliers Kevin Love will sit out game three with a concussion and is under observation from team doctors. It’s going to be awfully tough and unless the Cavs can improve physically and get more offense going. With the Warriors Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson they’re such a good team the Cavs don’t have much of a chance.

Amaury Pi Gonzalez is the Spanish TV voice for the Angels and the Spanish radio voice for the A’s and does News and Commentary each week at


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