Sacramento Kings podcast with Charlie O: Kings rest key players might protect more rest of the season

by Charlie O Mallonee

photo credit:–Sacramento Kings vice president Vlade Divac along with Kings management has decided to rest key players since the Kings will not be in post season

SACRAMENTO–The Kings benched four of their key players and this appears to be a planned strategy that’s coming from team vice president Vlade Divac the other folks in the front office with head coach George Karl. Saying “we know what were up against we are not going to the playoffs and we got a situation at this point wins aren’t important” that’s very odd to say in the world of sports.

The Kings are in a situation where if they finish outside the bottom ten in the standings their first round draft pick goes to the Chicago Bulls. This is a very complicated transaction that started off when they went to Cleveland and Cleveland and later to Chicago. It’s been sitting out there for quite awhile frankly it had to as the Kings have fallen into the bottom ten in the NBA draft standings.

Charlie O has a lot more on the Kings and who continues to sit and also the Kings chances in the NBA Lottery listen right here at

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