Golden State Warriors Wednesday game wrap: Warriors Cut Down Clippers

By Ben Leonard

Photo credit: Noah Graham NBAE–Golden State’s Stephen Curry goes up against the LA Clippers on Wednesday night

Over the years, the newly-formed Warriors-Clippers rivalry has been extremely intense. Tempers have flared, barbs have been exchanged, and tension has risen.

But Wednesday, even though that traditional hype was strangely missing, the Warriors still found motivation to win on Wednesday, cutting down Los Angeles 114-98 at Oracle Arena. Stephen Curry had 33 points, Klay Thompson had 32, and Draymond Green tallied yet another double-double in the victory.

“It was kind of a dead atmosphere in there and it didn’t seem to have the same energy of the rivalry,” Warriors head coach Kerr said. “For whatever reason tonight didn’t have the same juice.”

But that didn’t stop the Warriors from taking care of business behind the Splash Brothers. Motivation seemed to stem from staying alive in the race to beat the Chicago Bulls’ record of 72 wins. With just eleven games remaining, all Golden State has to do is go 9-2 to beat Jordan’s record. They won’t back down and rest players — they’re going to gun for it.

Green exemplified this effort on Wednesday, dropping twelve points while pulling down twelve boards, hustling on the boards and playing hard defense to keep the Warriors ahead. More classic Warriors basketball: the Splash Brothers combined to shoot 11 of 20 from beyond the arc, and 24 of 44 from the field.

All in all, it was enough to give the Warriors their 33rd win at home this season — no team has ever finished a home slate with a perfect record. But if anyone is up to the task, it’s the Warriors.


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