MLB podcast with Tony Renteria: National solidarity is good for MLB and Cuban baseball; plus more MLB headlines

photo credit: Rueters– fans watch exhibition game between the Tampa Bay Rays and the Cuban National team at Estadio Latino Americano last Tuesday

On the MLB podcast with Tony Renteria the importance of having relations with Cuba at the MLB level and playing the National Cuban team. The Tampa Bay Rays won the exhibtion game on Tuesday 4-1 in front of 50,000 fans but the real excitement was having MLB back on the island the first time since the Baltimore Orioles visited Havana in 1998. It’s a big business and it was well received and the fans are ready and excited to be involved in MLB.

Tony also talks about former New York Yankee reliever Goose Gossage and his comments about the Washington Nationals Bryce Harper who wants to change the game with more in game celebrations and a little more color. Harper said this month that the game is “tired.” Gossage said there should be no showboating in MLB and it would disgrace the game. What is your opinion? Tony discusses that on the program click below.

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