Golden State Warriors podcast with David Zizmor: Right now Dubs have it all, Curry’s 40 footers, home floor advantage, and the fans behind them

by David Zizmor

OAKLAND–When the Golden State Warriors Steph Curry can make a half court shot and make it it’s kind of ridiculous and the opposing defense can stay in front of him no matter where Curry is on the court and any distance is makeable for him. The fact that he’s making those shots and everybody knows this is pretty amazing and it’s got to be great for him to be headed for another MVP season.

This Warriors win streak at home has hit 46 straight wins and it’s an ongoing NBA record he’s awesome and it’s not just a test of how great this Warriors team is. It’s also a testament to these fans who help create home court advantage. The NBA is one of those leagues that creates the greatest home court advantages. You don’t see the disparity between the home records like baseball, football or hockey. Things usually work better at home for those leagues.

David Zizmor does the Warriors podcasts each week right here at take a listen below


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