NFL Playoff Podcast with Joe Hawkes Beamon: J Hawkes pix Kansas City, Arizona, Seattle and Pittsburgh read em and weep

by Joe Hawkes Beamon

photo credit: Seattle Post Intellingencer- Carolina quarterback Cam Newton should get MVP according to Seattle quarterback Russell Wilson

AFC Playoff Sat 16th Kansas City (11-5) @ New England (12-4): I’m leaning towards Kansas City because they have a great defense they can get after the New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady. They forced a lot of turnovers last week against Houston in a 30-0 shutout.

The Chiefs safety Eric Berry was so impressive last week who could play one on one this coming weekend with the Patriots Rob Gronkowski. The Chiefs aren’t afraid of going man to man it’s a matter of if New England’s offensive line can protect Brady.

NFC Playoff Sat 16th Green Bay (10-6) @ Arizona (13-3): You got remember two weeks ago Green Bay was annihilated by the Arizona Cardinals 38-8. The Packers quarterback Aaron Rogers got sacked and the Cardinals had nine sacks in total on Green Bay quarterbacks when it was all said and done.

This game Saturday may not be the route that game was back on December 27th but Arizona is primed. Also Cardinals quarterback Carson Palmer hasn’t won a playoff game his whole career. Green Bay has a good chance and I would lean towards Green Bay but there’s something about their defense and they could fold and I’m leaning towards Arizona.

NFC playoff Sun 17th Seattle (10-6) @ Carolina (15-1): You definitely have to tip your hat off to Carolina who had an unbelievable season going 15-1. The Panthers were just fantastic they were off the boards even without their wide receiver Kelvin Benjamin.

Benjamin must have had the first whistle in training camp but there’s something about Seattle that is hard to pick against them they’ve been in this position before. They have all the pressure on them and all of the pressure is on Carolina to win this game because they’ve had such a great season. I’m looking at this one being a low scoring game with a final score of 20-17 Seattle.

AFC Playoff Sun 17th Pittsburgh (10-6) @ Denver (12-4): The fate of the Denver Broncos really depends on the fate of Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning. I’m going with Denver in this one. The Steelers are a little banged up right now Antonio Brown is still in the NFL concussion protocol.

The Steelers quarterback Ben Rothlisberger’s shoulder has a sprain and has some ligament damage in there. Denver is primed for this match up and with Big Ben ailing this could be favorable for the Broncos. Overall these playoff games are a rematch from the regular season.

Joe Hawkes Beamon has the NFL Playoff podcast for this week’s game this weekend below right here on



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