San Jose Sharks Podcast with Mary Lisa Walsh: After home loses to Preds, Jackets, and Ducks can Sharks turn SAP into friendly ice?

On the SJ Sharks podcast tonight Mary Lisa covers why the Sharks struggle and struggle on their home ice with recent loses to the Predators, Blue Jackets, and the Ducks. Are the Sharks a .500 team, better than a .500 team or worse. They struggled also on Tuesday night against the New York Islanders.

The Sharks miss Logan Couture but in some of their games have managed without him. Couture’s defensive prowess on the power play is missed along with his finesse defense. Last Saturday the Sharks goaltender Martin Jones did a job between the pipes stopping all but one shot against the visiting Anaheim Ducks. Jones went 16-17  in net and the lone goal was the winner for Anaheim in their 1-0 win.

Mary Lisa covers this and more on the SJ Sharks podcast at

photo credit bing images sj sharks goalie martin jones

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