Cal Bears podcast with Morris Phillips: With standings tightening up Goff, Cal need to throw everything at Oregon this week

by Morris Phillips

AP photo of Oregon quarterback Vernon Adams Jr

BERKELEY–The Cal Bears (5-3) wanted to win games with Utah (7-1), UCLA (6-2), and SC (5-3) and were frustrated in each of those with a loss that now amounts to three straight.  Right now the standings are extremely balanced and highly competitive. You’ve seen players go from the outhouse to the penthouse and back. For Cal this upcoming Oregon (5-3) game presents an opportunity that might be unlike the last three games.

Maybe this week’s game with Oregon will be a shootout and maybe that will benefit them to have a game that’s high scoring and both offenses are having their way. That’s the kind of game they can pull out the one thing they have to worry about Oregon is playing well. The Ducks have already pulled out a couple games in the last couple weeks.

For Cal maybe if they can put the onus on the offense and the offense can kind of carry the defense then maybe the Bears can pull it out. They still have a lot to play for so the Bears are going to be highly motivated to play their best game against Oregon. Cal quarterback Jared Goff missed a few throws he’s had some guys locked up we saw wide out Kenny Lawler catch a few and he was blanked by the SC defender and WR Bryce Treggs has been super consistent and those are the guys who have to get going.

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