Oakland Raiders podcast with Jeremy Kahn: Look for Raiders to get help from their secondary in defending against Chargers, Rivers

by Jeremy Kahn

photo credit google images Charles Woodson Oak Raiders

ALAMEDA–After the bye week the Oakland Raiders have regrouped after two tough loses with Cleveland and Denver and they’re set to face another division opponent again this weekend in San Diego as they get ready for the Chargers.The Raiders are hopeful that they can come back from that two game losing streak.

The Raiders come into Sunday’s game at number 26 in the league in defense and they will face one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL the Chargers Phillip Rivers. The Raiders have to get their secondary going with Charles Woodson and Khalil Mack back there and they’ll just be just fine handling Rivers.

This is going to be a very close game and the Raiders can come out of this one with a win because their playing a lot better and head coach Jack Del Rio says that their more experienced going into this game. Their more experienced on offense and defense going into week seven and the Raiders could come out with a victory.

Jeremy has more on his podcast with the Oakland Raiders tonight click below to hear more at http://www.sportsradioservice.com

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