San Francisco 49ers podcast with David Zizmor: Niners hoping to regain something back after last Thanksgiving meeting with Seahawks

by David Zizmor

SANTA CLARA–The last time the Seattle Seahawks and the San Francisco 49ers met was on Thanksgiving day 2014 and both teams at that time were 7-4. You might remember the Niners were in a decent position at that point in the season. Then everything fell apart for the Niners and they finished the season 8-8 partly because of some negative momentum from that game where the Seahawks simply dominated them.

The Seahawks embarrassed the Niners in that game defeating them by a score of 19-3 on their home turf on a nationally televised game on Thanksgiving night. It was pretty rough and it caused a downward spiral for the worst things to happen to the 49ers as far as what took place on the field.

This year both teams come into Levis Stadium at 2-4, the Niners are coming off a win against Baltimore however the Ravens are struggling this season and their a lousy team this season and can the 49ers take much away from that victory. The Seahawks are coming off another fourth quarter collapse this time against the Carolina Panthers in Seattle where the Seahawks typically do not lose. It’s the Seahawks and 49ers tonight for another edition of Thursday Night Football in what might turn out to be a very close game.

Catch the rest of David’s commentary on the 49ers on today’s podcast at

photo credit google images NFL Thursday Night Football

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