Cal Bears football podcast with Morris Phillips: Dykes loading up his receiving core for some offensive excitement in the red zone

by Morris Phillips

BERKELEY–The Cal Bears have a really deep group in camp this year that they’ve assembled in terms of receivers. When you throw the football 60 tines a game it’s not difficult to realize to keep all these guys happy catching passes. When you talk about Cal’s receivers you got to start with Kenny Lawler and Bryce Treggs who has the experience of the group.

Lawler is the highlight factor he has big hands and his ability to make those big one handed catches at the goal line. Lawler is Cal’s key guy in the red zone, then there’s Tregg’s father who played at Cal and now Treggs is in his third year now and he’s coming along just as well he’s a guy that Cal’s looking to run those intermediate routes and have some success there.

In terms of guys the Bears haven’t seen yet Carlos Strickland jumps off the map from Dallas a freshman and one of Cal’s big recruiting gigs this year and as a freshman is likely to see some time and have some success on the field. We just named three of nine guys that we will see in some form or fashion.

Wide receiver Trevor Davis, Jack Austin, Austin is a freshman as well with that group you can see how Cal can make the leap because they are trying to run this offense with Jered Goff at the helm. It’s an offense of repetition and their wanting to run their 100 plays per game with the opposition out. The depth is critical in terms of how they implement that attack and their ability to stay healthy as well.

The Cal coaching staff have looked a little ahead to Cal’s first road game in Texas against the Longhorns on Sat Sep 19th and when you talk about Texas you have to start with the offensive line. Cal has to be able to protect and this year what they’ve done is move Jordan Rigsbee towards center from his more natural offensive line tackle position.

A good offensive line starts at it’s point in the middle and that’s the center and protecting those A gaps and with Rigsbee the most experienced guy moving into the middle. The whole thing is they can build around him and protect Goff because even if he’s in the shotgun formation and he’s getting rid of the ball fast they still have to have a connection.

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