George Devine Sr’s last podcast from Swiss Louis Restaurant March 6, 2014

This was George Sr’s last podcast with Sportstalk before he had to leave to take care of his brother Peter after his accident. George Sr hosted the program with Stefani Rebekah Black, Matt Harrington, Jeremy Harness,Peter Qaqundah, Morris Phillips, Kahlil Najar, and Lee Leonard (producer).

George Sr was the host on this night. George thought fondly on Stefani for her hard work in her coverage of the Oakland Raiders and her passion of covering the team they worked together for years from their days from covering the Raiders at the Oakland Coliseum.

It was a great night with seafood and lots of favorites on the menu at Swiss Louis on Pier 39. It rained that night and George Sr took the F line back downtown in order to get back home. It’s one of the few recordings we have left of George Sr. please enjoy the podcast.

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