Sac Kings podcast & commentary: Games in review Brooklyn put muscle to Kings on Monday and Kings thrill crowd with OT win over NY

by Charlie O Mallanee

SACRAMENTO–The Sacramento Kings last loss on Monday night in Brooklyn was particularly painful for the team in the fact that they were looking at going in against a team that had an equal record. A Brooklyn Nets team that had two of it’s stars Deron Williams and Brook Lopez that had been injured and had been sitting on the bench. They could go in there and have a really decent chance to come away with a victory. The first quarter they looked alright because the Kings were up 28-27.

But then came the second quarter and they fell apart, they only scored 16 points in the quarter all the scoring came from basically three people, the Kings DeMarcus Cousins had seven points, Rudy Gay had six, and Nick Stauskas had a three point bucket and that was their entire scoring for the period. In the second quarter they turned the ball over seven times and it was good for ten points it was a particularly painful quarter and they went to half time down 13 points 57-44.

They came out of the third scoring 25 points a piece and the Kings actually outscored the Nets 30-25 in the fourth quarter. They were too far down and they ended up losing it 107-99 in Brooklyn. The key stat for the entire game the Kings turned the ball over 21 times and the Nets were able to pick up 25 points because of those turnovers. You can’t turn the ball over that much in the NBA and win a game.

In the game that was played on Saturday at Sleep Train Arena to beat the New York Knicks in overtime that was one of the most entertaining basketball games that I’ve been to in years. In fact I thought I had a flashback to my first NBA game in Cincinnati with the Royals and the Celtics a number of years ago. All offense and no defense on either team it was 117-117 in regulation the Kings went onto win 135-129. The fans at Sleep Train were thrilled that they won.

It was a game that had some very alarming moments in the sense that the Kings led the game the entire way later the Knicks would tie it up in the closing seconds of the game. The Knicks took their first lead in the game in overtime and it’s really tough when you never have relinquished the lead in the game and you realize your on the brink of losing that game in overtime. Also with the lack of defense has to be very concerting of a great concern to both the management and the coaching.

It’s one thing to go out and put up 107 points in regulation, you have up 107 points to a Knicks team that have been averaging 94 points a game. Also the Knicks were playing without Amar’e Stoudemire beause Stoudemire has been off for three games in a row with knee soreness. The Knicks were missing one of their key elements as well. So after a great win, a very exciting win the crowd in Sacramento was just off the hook as you can well imagine.

It has a lot of concerns because of the fact there was a lack of defense, now they did pick up the defensive effort in overtime and went on a 9-0 run which set up the victory. Crazy game Cousins 39 points, Gay 29, and Collison with 27. So the Kings really led by those three players and again entertaining basketball but it’s the kind of basketball you cannot keep on in a consistant basis. Proven by what happened in what happened in New York or Brooklyn.

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