A’s report: Does Donaldson-Beane clash show that Beane will trade players for speaking out?

by Jerry Feitelberg

OAKLAND–A’s General Manager Billy Beane’s real reasoning for trading former A’s third baseman Josh Donaldson to Toronto was that he and Donaldson got into a jawing match after Donaldson had ask for a few days off during the season. Beane told Donaldson that if he needed a few days off he would put him on the disabled list. Donaldson had requested the days off but wasn’t injured and didn’t need to go on the D.L.

A’s manager Bob Melvin approved the day off that Donaldson requested keep in mind for most of the season Donaldson was the A’s top hitter with former A’s outfielder Yoenis Cespedes who was also sent packing to Boston. Word has it the reason for Cespedes getting dealt was he didn’t want to play in either center field or right field which Beane requested and Cespedes only wanted to play in left field which didn’t please Beane.

When Beane arrived at the ball park on the day in question to find out that Donaldson was not in the lineup he asked Melvin what happen to Donaldson being a scratch? Melvin told Beane that Donaldson said he needed time off, that didn’t sit too well with Beane who was now hot and bothered by Donaldson requesting the time off. Donaldson and Beane went into the coaches office to talk about it and Beane reportedly really let into Donaldson about asking for time off.

The discussion went something like “this is what you get paid for and well” to “your not hurt so there’s no reason you need time off” in or around those words from Beane. Donaldson told Beane he was beat and needed the rest he had been carrying a good part of the team with the great work with hitting and defensive success that he was having with the glove. The argument than got personal when Beane insisted that Donaldson either go on the D.L. or get back in the line up and Donaldson ended up calling Beane “Billy Boy.”

With that that wrote Donaldson’s ticket and Beane had it in his mind that after the season he would deal Donaldson which he did last week trading him to the Blue Jays for pitchers Brett Lawrie, Kendall Graveman, Sean Nolin, and shortstop Franklin Barreto. In fact after the argument between Beane and Donaldson over the day off issue it was a known fact by some reporters that Donaldson was going to be traded in the off season by Beane.

It’s pretty well known fact in dealing with Beane if you cross him bad things will happen and the “Billy Boy” comment by Donaldson didn’t sit well with him. Beane will start shopping any player who he feels he can’t work with or won’t work everyday for him unless it’s an injury issue. There have been questions about how team morale will be without Donaldson and Cespedes the two best players the A’s had last season.

Beane will have to rebuild and make the A’s post season competitive again he will have to rely on the core of pitchers that he brought in from Toronto and he might look for more including hitters that can at least swing up to snuff like Cespedes and Donaldson did. There has not been much criticism of Beane since Donaldson left but questions come up like what Beane plans to do to rebuild the team. Right now some reporters have picked the A’s to finish in third place with what they have now.

Jerry Feitelberg covers Oakland A’s baseball for http://www.sportsradioservice.com

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