Sac Kings commentary: Kings getting defensive help from Cousins, Collison contributing and Cassipi strong off the bench

by Jeff Hall

SACRAMENTO–The Sacramento Kings showed what kind of a good basketball team they are with a win over the Chicago Bulls last Thursday night beating a rugged Chicago Bulls team 103-88 who had won six straight games on the road prior to coming into Sleep Train Arena. The Bulls were trying to win their seventh in a row and if they pulled it off it would have been the first time the Bulls would have done that in their history.

The San Antonio Spurs hold the record for the longest road win record with eight in 2010. The Kings offense was impressive because of what they were able to do in the forth quarter. It’s been the forth quarter that the Kings have struggled in and they made some mistakes in those forth quarters where it costed them some games during the season.

As Darren Collison of the Kings has said “the one good thing about that is were learning from it” and they did learn and they played well against the Bulls on Thursday night and they didn’t blow the lead. Kings head coach Kevin Malone said after losing on Tuesday to New Orleans and then winning on Thursday to Chicago that the team can’t be “Jeckle and Hyde.”

Malone said “we have to be more consistent with the way we play were going to have to play like this for four quarters, we can’t be playing good for one half and then expect to win a lot of games.” The Kings DeMarcus Cousins was again the leader in offensive points on Thursday but he was also good defensively.

Cousins has not only been leading in offense but leading in defense, the situation in the fourth quarter against the Bulls where Joakim Noah was in foul trouble with five fouls and it’s kind of hard to defend Cousins when you have five fouls on you. The Kings Rudy Gay is doing well scoring 20 points despite his injury and he scored in the fourth quarter.

Gay did sign that contract for the Kings just recently to re-up and that’s a big deal. It’s been quite a week for the Kings with the Gay contract extension and Malone said he’s been saddled with injuries but he’s fine anyways. Omri Casspi is playing very well off the bench and so is the Kings Derrick Williams.

Williams on Thursday had a great game with ten points in the first half and it was a big game for Williams and a big performance in the first half. This helped the Kings to come back in that game Cassipi came back and played the second half and did quite well. Cassipi is fast and he’s smart and he seems to know where he’s going with the ball. The Kings reload again and are playing in Minnesota against the Timberwolves on Saturday night.

Jeff Hall is a beat writer covering Kings basketball for

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