Bonds Appeals Obstruction Charge

By: Phillip Torres

Barry Bonds, the All-Time homerun king and former San Francisco Giants left fielder still has hope to be unducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame. The slugger is also looking to clear his name of the felony conviction.

Bonds is perhaps the most criticized player from the steroid era. The homerun king is trying to overturn his obstruction of justice conviction from 2011. Bonds is trying to clear his slate as he attempts to get into the homerun king.

On Thursday, a federal appeals court will reconsider Bonds bid for the obstruction case. Bonds’ testimony was more than a decade ago to a federal grand jury probing the notorious BALCO steriods scandle.

Thursday’s hearing is the latest page in the legal situation that involves the BALCO case. This case is going down as one of the biggest scandles in sports history.

Bonds was indicted on charges of lying to a grand jury in December of 2003. The accusations are that Bonds lied about using steroids while was chasing the homerun record.

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