NCAA Football commentary: Powerful earthquake rocks Bay Area, multiple injuries one week before college football starts

by Michelle Richardson

We say our prayers to anyone who was effected by Sunday morning’s 6.1 magnitude earthquake which shook the Bay Area at 3:20AM hoping that you didn’t suffer anything more than rattled nerves. Muliple injuries were reported out of Napa and the Sonoma Valley which includes the epicenter American Canyon, Suisun, Fairfield, and Vallejo.For others from other parts of the country they think it’s just the earth shaking and things falling but an earthquake can be as dangerous as a hurricane, tornado or storm.

When it happens in the middle of the night a building that is not retrofitted that could be a problem like it was for some of the older buildings that were damaged in the North Bay. Sesmically it was reported that the quake should not have too much effect for college football next Saturday as most of the damage was done in the Napa Valley. That would be more like Homboldt State or Somona State somewhere like that could be effected.

You will think about that because you have a lot of kids who are returning to college in the Bay Area who grew up in those areas. That will be ever present on the athletes young men and women who grew up in the Napa Valley and the NCAA will be thinking about their families and hoping that everybody is safe and had no harm done to them.

Alabama vs. West Virgina: I don’t understand how Alabama not being the reigning NCAA Champion is holding onto the number one spot and I’ve always said “it’s your title until they take it and the winner should start the year as number one” that’s just how I feel about it. This is a good match up coming this Saturday definitely I’ll go with Alabama the Crimson Tide just retooled and retooled and it just seems like their never out of stock of young talent.

In the last three years the Crimson Tide have lost a lot of veteran talent they’ve either graduated or went to the NFL. Especially losing a quarterback who won three national championships, it could be a very big learning curve in Alabama and there is a bit of quarterback controversy with Jake Coker, David Cornwell, and Cooper Bateman.

When you have a transfer from Florida State and you have a quarterback whose been the cornerstone of the team and someone is coming in as a transfer and now there is a bit of a controversy and someone who didn’t even start from another school and they come to take your place at Alabama that could raise some hackles. Knowing head coach Nick Saban he has a way to make it work. All I can say it’s going to be an interesting year at Alabama.

Clemson vs. Georgia: The Clemson Tigers lost last year in the championship to Florida State and the Tigers lost a lot of players and they lost their starting quarterback. The AP Poll rated the Tigers number two but polls are about as useful as socks with holes in them. Clemson is going to struggle this year they open up against Georgia on Saturday.

Their not going to be as good as everybody might think their going to be. Their going to struggle with a new quarterback and whoever that’s going to be. There’s a whole cavalcade of quarterbacks trying out for the Tigers, Chad Kelly, Austin McCaskill, Dave Olson, Nick Schuessler, Cole Stoudt, and Deshaun Watson. There are a lot of players gone from last season.

I’m not necessarily saying that Clemson will be in the hunt for the national championship but I don’t see it happening they might make a bowl game but there not going to get into the national championship. I’ve been around before, I’m crazy like that.

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