NHL Stanley Cup Finals: There might be no other than these Miracle Kings

by Larry Leavitt

NY Rangers vs. Los Angeles: They’ve been called the comeback kids, the cockroaches of the NHL, the Lazerus of Playoff teams, three rounds of seven games playoffs all three game sevens on the road and they won them all and they showed up at home on Wednesday night to open up their cause only to trail the mighty visitors from the Eastern Conference the New York Rangers 2-1 after the first period.

The Kings came right back and in the third period got a game winner after the score was tied 2-2 and won it 3-2. If you had to pick one of the big stars for these playoffs for L.A. it would be Drew Doughty, right after Doughty, Anze Kopitar, Jeff Carter, Justin Williams they’ve all been great, and yes Dustin Brown too.

The truth of the matter Doughty is the real thing he made a huge mistake after the first goal in the first period when the Rangers scored. Doughty ended up coming back and makes one of those amazing goals in the second period he got a pass that was kind of behind him so he deflects hit between his legs right in front of him which alludes the Rangers defense.

Doughty just ended up popping it into the net in the smallest of openings and he had plenty of room on the glove side but just found this tiny little crack on the stick side and got the puck to go in to make up for the defensive blunder in the first period where he allowed the Rangers to score on him.

How can the Rangers get back in this series? The only thing that they can do is put game one out of their minds and a regroup and they need to play 60 minutes of hockey. There was a lot of fluke plays and deflections. It’s amazing how it could have gone either way. The Rangers really did play their best game especially there at the end.

The Rangers had some break always and the Kings goalie Jonathan Quick stood on his head and stopped them. The Rangers need to take advantage of whatever they can get, whatever little thing they can get, they can take advantage of and play a good defensive sound hockey and then and when they get that sound offensive opportunity the Rangers need to capitalize on it.

Don’t worry about what the Kings are doing they should play their game and then they have a chance. I actually picked the Kings in five games, the Kings look like they sure are going to win this. But if you love hockey you’d love to see the Rangers come back in this one and really come out with a good game on Saturday night in game two.

Larry Leavitt is covering the NHL Stanley Cup Finals for http://www.sportsradioservice.com

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