NBA Conference Finals report: Spurs have experience but OKC has Westbrook;LeBron-Heat will be handful for Pacers

by Daivd Zizmor

San Antonio vs. Oklahoma: The Spurs took out the Trailblazers in the second round four games to one and that’s what was expected. The Spurs are just on another level than Portland and while the Blazers have some very good young players they’re very inexperienced in the post season and throughout NBA history these are teams that are young with freshlegs.

The Trailblazers will need some experience to find their way into the finals and the Blazers are a team that’s on the way up. Michael Jordan took three or four tries before he won his title, the Blazers have the pieces in place to be a competitive team for several years.

San Antonio is a team that has won multiple championships, they’ve been in the playoffs every year forever and their a fantastic team with players that are in the twilights of their careers their still a fantastic team. All credit to guys like Tony Parker, Tim Duncan, Manu Ginobili and also their great coach Gregg Poppovich whose going to be in the Hall of Fame someday.

The match up which starts on Monday night with the Oklahoma Thunder and the Spurs who are the top two teams in the west. These two teams that have met in the post season in the last couple of years has been in a big battle and it was so for OKC last season when Russell Westbrook got hurt in the playoffs.

Westbrook didn’t play against the Spurs and that was a huge loss and Westbrook is one of the best players in the league at his point guard position. Westbrook is a leader on that OKC team and to not have him against the Spurs was a big loss last year. This post season he’s healthy, he’s back and OKC should give the Spurs a great series starting Monday night.

Indiana vs. Miami: The Indiana Pacers suddenly flipped the switch and are playing very well in these playoffs after strugging in the first round against the Atlanta Hawks and in the second round they got by the Washington Wizards winning that series 4-2.

They didn’t look fantastic, they had plenty moments of weakness the big difference was the Pacers Roy Hibbert was finally playing like Roy Hibbert and he was back to scoring. The Hawks in that first round had somehow figured out a magic potion to nuetralize the Pacers and Hibbert woke up against Washington and did a fantastic job all series including scoring 11 points to help the Pacers beat the Wizard 93-80 in game six on Thursday night.

After the first game when the Wiz knocked the Pacers around 102-96 the Pacers woke up and came to life and took the series in six games. The Pacers are a team that can compete with Miami and we’ve seen them do it several times this season. We saw them do it in the conference finals last year it’s just that Indiana has been lousy for the last few months.

It’s tough to feel confident that they can hang with the Heat, the Pacers have been playing a little bit better but the Heat have had a chance to rest up after really dispatching with the Nets pretty quickly. The Heat are so good on top of being the World Champions and having the best player on the planet in LeBron James. The Heat will be prepared for Indiana and game one is scheduled for Sunday night in Indiana.

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