Michelle Richardson on the NCAA: Witchita State playing undisputed champion like basketball

by Michelle Richardson

Witchita State (34-0) vs. Indiana State (23-10): The thing that I said about college basketball is the regular season is one thing but when March Madness arrives anything can happen. Witchita State is no joke and everybody continued to look beyond the Shockers that is the most insulting part. The people who looked beyond them and it was kind of inseparable but Witchita State has continued to make some changes.

They played Indiana State on Sunday the Sycamores are averaging 71 points per game, the Shockers are averaging 75, the Sycamores are allowing 67 points per game and the Shockers are allowing 59 points per game. Indiana State’s home record is 11-2 and for Witchita State they are 18-0. The road record for Indiana State 9-7 and for Witchita they’re 12-0.

Witchita State took a 33 game win streak into the game against Indiana State, the Sycamores were on a two game win streak. This was a game that was close and no one gave up any kind of ground and it was close on the scoreboard. It’s going to be interesting Witchta State beat Indiana State twice this season with their first meeting on January 18 Witchita wins that one by 20 68-48. The Shockers defeated the Sycamores 65-58 at Indiana State back on Feb 5th.

Duke 93 (24-7) North Carolina (23-8) 81: This was a great ball game but Duke came out on top, Duke has been searching and they have really been making the moves and they want to get in the big dance and their number four. They took the first half 40-37.

Then after that first half Duke kept after them with the help of Jabari Parker who finished with 30 points, Rodney Hood with 24 points, and Quinn Cook with 11. Parker was on fire 11 rebounds, Parker was really all over the place on both ends of the court. Hood had two turnovers but got two rebounds.

Duke had 54 points just from their two starters and Cook who had the 11 points with the top three scorers, North Carolina couldn’t match the fire power of Duke. On offense for Carolina Marcus Paige 24 points, Brice Johnson 15, and James Michael McAdoo 13 points.

San Diego 51 (27-3) New Mexico (24-6) 48: There is a chance that these two teams will meet again and probably for the Conference Championship. Expect to see both of these teams in the NCAA Tournament in different brackets, San Diego is ranked number ten and New Mexico is ranked at 21.

New Mexico is hoping that they don’t get knocked out of the top 25, they played good basketball New Mexico’s top scorers in the match Cameron Bairstow had 20, Alex Kirk 14, and Kendall Williams with seven. Finals for the top three in San Diego’s winning cause, Xavier Thames 23, Winston Shepard eight, and Josh Davis with six.

This was just that kind of game where you had a top scorer like Thames and everyone else on the San Diego roster followed him with single digits in the win.

Michelle Richardson does commentary on the NCAA each week for Sportstalk radio

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