49ers report: Sexual orientation questions won’t distract Rodgers playoff game against 49ers

by David Zizmor

GREEN BAY–For the Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rogers the questions prompted to him regarding his sexual orientation this past wek might be a slight distraction in his preparation before the game against the San Francisco 49ers this coming Sunday but if it has any impact on the game it’ll be minimal. Guys like Rogers the former Cal quarterback who are professional football players that are MVP caliber quarterbacks generally are pretty good at tuning out all the fluff.

That’s around them but this is kind of a trumped up story at this stage because were just waiting for the playoffs to start. Rogers isn’t going to play any worse because of what a media outlet says about whether he’s gay or straight. It might be an interesting story if we can confirm it one way or the other but to be honest Rogers is going to say he’s straight and the media moves on.

On the timing of this story part of the problem is that Rogers has been injured the last seven weeks so he hasn’t been on the front pages people were more interested in whether he was going to play more than anything else. So once the injury issue is out of the spotlight you move onto the next story and apparently this one was just sitting in the Q.

It’s all speculation and Rogers is denying it and the media should just leave it at as is that there’s no point in speculating it any further the article says he is gay and Rogers says he isn’t and I’m going to take Rogers at his word at this stage there’s really no way to prove it, it’s not that there’s a video tape or a picture to prove it and even those can be doctored and misconstrued.

So if Rogers says he’s straight than he is unless there’s something out there that says otherwise there’s no other reason to believe that Rogers is lying and frankly even if he was who cares it doesn’t change how he plays quarterback and clearly the Packers don’t care because he’s their leader and the Packers do well because Rogers is leading them to victory. So even if he were gay it clearly doesn’t matter because the Packers have won a Super Bowl under the guy and it seems to have no issues in the locker room so it doesn’t make any difference outside of the locker room.

Is Rogers healthy going into Sunday: If there is any doubt about his ability it’s whether he’s fully recovered from his collar bone injury. As everybody knows in a game against Chicago he was tackled hard. He landed on his shoulder broke his collar bone and he’s been out for about seven weeks and missed most of the eighth game where he broke the collar bone.

The question is is he fully recovered from that now, seven to eight weeks is about the normal time a civilian would take to recover more or less from an injury like that. My brother broke his collar bone when he was in college that’s about how long he was laid up with a collar bone injury. He didn’t require sugery which would have necessitated a much longer recovery time.

So the big conroversy was really was he going to come back early or was he going to come back later and he came back on the later side and that’s probably a good thing and he needed more time to recover. Anytime you have an injury like that especially in a game like football where guys are getting tackled and people are falling on top of each other and one long twist of the body can lead to an injury you probably have to be a little sensative to the fact that he was injured months ago and now he’s back.

David Zizmor covers the NFL for Sportstalk Radio

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