W’s come from behind, win in OT

By George Devine, Sr.

The Warriors were down by 17 at one point in Cleveland, and it looked like the Cavaliers would run away with the game, after dominating the first quarter 35-20 with an 18-0 run. The onslaught included three-pointers by C.J. Miles and Kyrie Irving. But in the fourth quarter the visitors tied, then took the lead, and wound up going into overtime, where they would bang out a 108-104 win.

Stephen Curry led the attack with 29 points for Golden State, but was not consistent. In the first half of the game he was 5 for 5 on three-pointers. His crucial shot was with 13.5 seconds left, but most of his total was achieved in the first two periods. He had 11 assists and 9 boards. David Lee contributed nothing to the Warriors’ stats before halftime, but then poured in 19 points. It was as though he and Curry had traded places on offense.

For Cleveland, the key player was Kyrie Irving, who scored 27. This was the fifth loss in a row for the Cavs; three of those shortfalls were in close games, one in a double OT against Atlanta.

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