Kings lose to Atlanta, 124-107

By George Devine, Sr.

The Kings had another tough night on the road, this one even tougher than the previous evening’s loss at Charlotte. After staying in the game for the first three quarters and into the fourth, they allowed the Hawks to make a run for it and come out ahead, 124-107. In the third, the lead changed 14 times, but in the final frame the Hawks dominated 39-20 and led 117-105 with 2:49 to play. This means Sacramento is now 7-17 and Atlanta a healthier 14-12. The Kings gave up more points in this game than in any other this season.

One bright spot was the improved performance of Rudy Gay, who was only 1 of 6 and scored a mere 4 points against the Bobcats 24 hours earlier. On this night he had 22 points, trailing DeMarcus Cousins’ 28 but ahead of Isaiah Thomas’ 20.

For Atlanta, Kyle Corver was the key player, tying Cousins with 28. He made seven 3-pointers in a row and that was more than enough to make the difference in the game. Al Horford had 25 points and 10 boards. Jeff Teague contributed 18 points.

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