Larry Leavitt on Pro Hockey

by Larry Levitt

DALY CITY–The San Francisco Bulls last Friday night took the lead early 1-0 lead against the Ontario Reign and in that first period they played pretty good hockey. The advantage the Bulls had was the Ontario goalie was the back up to the back up so San Francisco could have really taken advantage of the situation. The Bulls ran into big problems on the power play they went 0-8.

In the second period when the Bulls got into penalty trouble the Reign scored all three of their goals on the power play. So they couldn’t capitalize on the power play and they couldn’t hold the penalty kill and keep the game close and that was the tale of the two cities right there.

The Bulls have a lot of fire power on this club right now and if they can really get going they’d be fine and the biggest problem is that their shooting wide at the net and not getting the breaks. On Friday night the power play was very tough getting them set up and they finally got set up in three or four passes instead of shooting the pass would get interupted and they would have to go back and start all over again. The Bulls who went 0-8 on the power play you have to say there’s a problem there and you got focus on that and get that fixed.

On Saturday night the Bulls won it against Stockton and on Friday they lost to Ontario, on Friday night the difference of the two games was Ontario is a pretty well rounded team other than the back up goalie they pretty much played the puck pretty well. Saturday night against the Stockton Thunder was a great comeback game for the Bulls and that come back should give them a lot of confidence.

The Bulls were behind quite a bit for a large part of the game and they were playing from behind and they really rallied to win. At one point near the end of the game they actually took the lead only to give up the tying goal with 2:30 left and it forced overtime and then the shootout and of course the Bulls won it in the skills competition.

San Jose Sharks update: The Sharks who have lost five of their last six games are not panicking and there are no plans to make changes on the team. They’ve just hit a bump in the road no team in the NHL is going to play 100 percent all of the time. No team will be able to walk through any NHL team.

The Sharks know they have problems, they know they have to regroup and look at their system, they know they have to work on the work ethic but it’s not going on the ice and planning to lay an egg. The game in Nashville they had a very slow start on Saturday night and the Sharks were not playing to their speed.

Nashville is a slow methodical defense team they don’t give you a lot of time and a lot of space the Preds lock you down and don’t allow you to do much. They don’t have one player per say who rules the ice. This game was sure to be a tight battle and sure enough it was and it ended up being 3-2 Nashville.

The Sharks tried to come back at the end but they did make a game of it. The Sharks now move onto St.Louis and Los Angeles two tough contenders.

Larry Levitt does Pro Hockey commentary on the Sharks and the Bulls each week for Sportstalk radio

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