After 53 years Cuba rejoining the Carribean series

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The Elefantes del Cienfuegos ( Cienfuegos Elephants)in 1960-61 were the last Cuban champions to play in the Caribbean Series in 1960.

Since the first Caribbean Series, which took place in Cuba in 1949, Cuba was the team to beat and won the Series, 7 to 4 for Puerto Rico and one for Panamá . As a matter of fact Cuba they won the last five Caribbean Series in which they participated.

Cuba was undefeated in the 1960 Caribbean Series, which took place February 10 to 15, in Panamá . Their manager was Tony Castaño .

Earlier that year in Cuba, Castro’s communist system has been established, and that would be the last Caribbean Series for Cuba, as Castro banned all professional sports in the country.

The champion Cienfuegos team of Cuba was a powerhouse and they won it in undefeated fashion. Cuba’s Cienfuegos team beat twice each of their rivals: Puerto Rico, Panamá and Venezuela.
Rosters of the teams that participated in that last Caribbean Series in 1960 in which Cuba won for the last time. If you are a real baseball fan for the ages, you will surely recognize some of the names. Until 1960 Cuba was “the place”for American players to play in the winter, not only because Cuba’s proximity to the US,(90 miles)but because it was the best caliber of baseball and the best pay in the Caribbean.

Tony Castaño .
Camilo Pascual (15-5), Pedro Ramos (12-5), Raúl Sánchez (12-4), Ted Wieand
(4-4), Tony Díaz (3-1), Héctor Maestri (1-0), Pedro Carrillo (1-1), Walter
Craddock (0-1), Dagoberto Concepción (0-0), Roberto Tano , quien también
jugó en los jardines (0-0). Orlando Peña (10-9).
Dutch Dotterer (.212), José Azcue (.264), Rafael “Son” Noble (.222),
Arturo Suárez (.333).
George Altman, 1B (.251,14,32), Ossie Álvarez , 2B (.260), Octavio “Cookie”
Rojas, 2B (.204), Don Eaddy , 3B (.256), Leonardo Cárdenas , SS
(.279,11,34), Hiraldo (Chico Ruiz) Sablón (.214).
Román Mejías (.281,5,28), Tony ” Haitiano ” González (.310,10,35), Rogelio
” Borrego ” Álvarez (.248,12,36), Dan Dobbeck (.236), Ultus Álvarez (.208),
Roberto Tano (.214).
Del grupo no fueron Arturo Suárez , Ted Wieand y Walter Craddock . Orlando
Peña asistió como refuerzo .
Victor Pellot Power.
Juan ‘Term ” Pizarro, Earl Wilson, George Brunei, José ” Pantalones ”
Santiago, Julio Navarro, Bob Guigie , Ray Ripplemayer .
Hector Valle, Frank Rivera.
Victor Pellot Power (1B), José Pagan (2B), Elwood Huycke (3B), Félix
Torres (SS).
Orlando Cepeda ( también jugo primera ), José García , Félix Mantilla, Tommy
Davis, Herminio Cortez , Herman Davis. Igualmente figuraron Roberto Vásquez ,
Luis De León , George Figueroa, Genito Toman .
Welmer Shantz .
Bob Milo, William Kirk, Humberto Robinson, Robert Waltz, Stan Pitula ,
Leonardo Martinez Ferguson, Julio Borbón , José Lisondro , Vibert Clarke, Ken
Welmer Shantz , Marcos Cobos , Abdiel Flyn .
Jim Gentile (1B), Elias Osorio (1B), Pablo Bernard (2B), Héctor López
(3B), Lee Tate (SS), Alonso Brathwaite , Eugenio Houradou and rookie Ruthford
“Chico” Salmón .
Stan Palys ( also played first base ), Henry Mitchell, Bob Perry, Eddie
Napoleón , Joe Caffie . Jim Gentile was injured with club, but did not play)
Lester Moss.
Ed Hobough , Billy Muffet , Marcelino Sanchez, Rafael Melendez, Marcos
Barboza , Ted Bowfield , Ramon Castellanos , Julian Ladera .
Lester Pedden , Lester Moss.
Cedlio Prieto (1B), Bob Aspromonte (2B), Luis ” Camaleón ” García (3B), Luis
Aparicio (SS), Luis Añez .
Willie Davis, Stan Miley , Al Grunwald , Pastor Romero, Roberto Zambrano ,
Johnny Callison , Johnny Davis y Norman Cash. Los tres últimos no viajaron ,
también jugaron Teolindo Acosta, Alejandro Vargas y Gilberto Valbuena .
Tommy Davis, Puerto Rico (.409).
RUNS BATTED IN: Stan Palys , Panamá (12).
Héctor López , Panamá , Tommy Davis, Puerto Rico y Félix Torres, Puerto Rico
Rogelio ” Borrego ” Álvarez , Cuba, Dan Dubbeck , Cuba y Stan Palys , Panamá (2)

One Homerun each:
Les Padden , Venezuela, Bob Perry, Panamá , Elwood Huycke , Puerto Rico, Joe
Caffie , Panamá , Willie Davis, Venezuela, Eddie Napoleón , Panamá , Elias
Osorio , Panamá , Luis Aparicio , Venezuela, Al Grenwald , Venezuela, Frank Rivera,
Puerto Rico, Octavio “Cookie” Rojas, Cuba and José Pagan, Puerto Rico.
Camilo Pascual , Cuba, (2-0)
Camilo Pascual , Cuba.
NOTE: George Altman of Cuba and Eddie Napoleón of Panamá had beter batting average than Tommy Davis of Puerto Rico with .438, but they did not have enough at bats.

Can you highlight how many players and managers above were in the show after Cuba?

Amaury Pi Gonzalez is the vice president of the Major League Baseball Hispanic Museum and does News and Commentary each week for Sportstalk Radio


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