Why was Bill King snubbed by the Hall of Fame

That’s Amaury’s News and Commentary

OAKLAND–Bill King was nominated again for the Ford C. Frick Broadcasters Award, but he was snubbed.

Why? I think it’s tougher for a west coast announcer, unless he is known nationwide.

We here in the west, and even here in California with 35 million people, larger than many countries in the world, and with five Major League teams(no US state has that many) are still playing ball when the people on the east coast are going zzzzzzz.

Many things have changed in our business of broadcasting, obviously there was a time when independent radio stations proud themselves of carrying Major League Baseball, radio used to rule in the world of baseball and had no rival, then television came about and for a while it was ‘the game of the week’.Today every team, everybody televises just about every game home and out of market.

Today without a radio or television, you can listen to a live game that is happening in Chicago, while sitting at the airport in New Delhi, India in an assortment of devices, in some cell phones that the only thing they do not have is a microwave.

But honestly, Bill could care less if he was or was not elected. You see, Bill King was not your typical sports guy, he was a renaissance man, his life was much more than calling a Rickey Henderson stolen base. He is in heaven laughing at all this silliness down here. He is saying: “Holly Toledo, look at all you people down there, don’t you have a better thing to do, than to write about this?”

I could care less what or which Hall of Fame, Bill King belongs in all of them. By the way, not only in baseball, if you ever heard Bill calling a Warriors game, on the radio, he made you see the game better than if you were watching on television .

I wrote about this when Bill was doing Warriors, for El Mundo News of Oakland, many moons ago, and I still have not changed my mind. The times I spoke with Bill, like the last time I saw him, when he called his penultimate game in 2004 at Safeco Field in Seattle, we sometimes spoke about something else besides baseball, and for that, and that alone, I will never forget him.   What Armando Galarraga and Bill King have in common?

Galarraga a pitcher with the Detroit Tigers in 2010 threw a perfect game, but Jim Joyce the umpire at first base blew the call on what was out number 27 in-a-row. Galarraga was robbed, we all saw it. Bill King is a Hall of Fame announcer, we know it also, but he has been robbed, again.

Amaury Pi Gonzalez is the Spanish radio voice for Oakland A’s baseball and does News and Commentary for Sportstalk radio

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