A-Rod on Bud Selig for not showing at hearing “cowardly stance”

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NEW YORK–Yankees star Alex Rodriguez has a high powered attorney Joe Tacopina and Tacopina is advising A-Rod and he’s a high price attorney whose advising A-Rod and he’s charging about $1000 an hour in a very high profile case. I can say in one sentence for A-Rod to win he would have to come back a and play as long as he’s not playing the commissioner is winning it’s as simple as that. A-Rod is not getting any younger and he needs to play. You can make a case that it was an injustice that he was suspended 211 games.

As comparing other players like Rays pitcher Joel Peralta or the A’s pitcher Bartolo Colon who were suspended 50 games and we can say that was a good argument that it was unreasonable but like I stated here before that baseball commissioner Bud Selig wants to get rid of A-Rod completely and he doesn’t want A-Rod to play again and Rodriguez got advised by his attorney and he’s not dumb to run the case himself and has spent a lot of money on his lawyers he’s trying to portray the public relations game and saying the commissioner had to show up at his hearing.

The commissioner didn’t have to show up and he never shows up for the trail and the commissioner doesn’t have to and this is a P.R. campaign on the part of A-Rod and the pressure is on A-Rod the commissioner already made his case that the owners are happy with it. This week there have been rumblings that Peralta got a big deal and got millions of dollars from the Detroit Tigers and some executives said that looks kind of looks weird that we are rewarding people who were suspended for PEDs use and I use the word momentum and the momentum is against Rodriguez right now.

A’s will be at Coliseum until at least 2015: The main factor for going to see the A’s at the Coliseum if your an A’s fan you can still take BART to Oakland you don’t have to wonder “where are the A’s playing tonight?” basically we know that the A’s are going to play at the Coliseum for the next couple of years and we all knew that but it’s official they signed that lease. However after 2015 all bets are off this is the significant news and if you can read between the lines and I really believe this and we were talking about A-Rod not getting any younger and nobody is and nobody can stop the time clock and everybody has a birthday every year.

The A’s owner Lew Wolf is up there in age and this is it he won’t say this but if we can play devil’s advocate here Wolf is saying with this lease folks I’m going to play in Oakland two more years and after that if we don’t get a resolution to move to San Jose I’m going to sell this team and I really believe that’s what’s going to happen. So Wolf is basically buying two more years in Oakland that’s all he’s doing.

The A’s have a tremendous potential and it was 1968 when they moved to Oakland and the East Bay is huge now. The city of Fremont has 210,000 people and you add San Leandro and you got all the way up to Albany and Richmond and the East Bay has millions of people and a lot of them live here. As a matter of fact Silicon Valley has moved to parts of Fremont and Fremont is called Silicon Valley East. There are some companies that have moved into Fremont because there is more room there.

The point is that the East Bay has the money, the people, they can support the Oakland A’s.

Will Manny Pacquiao go broke? Boxing star Manny Pacquiao could be headed to the poor house according to reports saying the Pacquiao owes the Philippine government $50 million in back taxes from the tax year 2008-09. Pacquiao says he will pay it all back, Pacquiao says he’s ready to help typhoon victims by rolling up his sleeves and do the dirty work of the clean up. Pound for pound Pacquiao is the highest profile boxer in the world and the recent typhoon he’s trying to do as much as he can.

Pacquiao is at the point where he’s borrowing money he has to pay a lot of money $50 million in taxes but you make that type of money and he made lots of money and he’s wearing big shoes. He just won his crown defeating Brandon Rios a few days ago the Mexican challenger and he’s going to do what everybody else does and you know the old saying “nothing is for certain except death and taxes” we all die and we pay taxes. So Pacquiao he’s boxing and he’s making his money in dollars.

He has to pay I feel sorry for him but not financially he’s a millionaire many times over but he also has to realize that he has to pay taxes like everybody else.

Amaury Pi Gonzalez is the vice president of the Major League Baseball Hispanic Heritage Museum and does News and Commentary each week for Sportstalk Radio

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